Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing The Journey

by goon girl (just another mom rising to the occasion)
When my youngest was 6 months old, I discovered he was allergic to eggs. The poor child had been riddled with rashes that the doctor had diagnosed as eczema. He would constantly scratch his cheeks that looked just plain painful. Had I known that he was having a reaction to my breast milk, I would have gladly modified my diet! After eliminating eggs from his diet, the rashes were down to a manageable low. Every bath was followed by creams and lotions, but clear skin did not appear to be in the cards.

After two trips to the ER with severe allergic reactions, I finally decided to get him tested to find out what other allergens we were dealing with. His dad is allergic to nuts, and so I have never let my kids have them. Thank God for that! As it turns out, my kiddo is very allergic to egg whites & peanuts, and also allergic to wheat! Armed with that knowledge we have modified his diet. His skin is perfect! We also now carry antihistamine and an Epi-Pen Jr. where ever we go.

Over the years, I have labored to make all the goodies that most kids get (i.e. birthday cake, doughnuts) without the eggs. Discovering the wheat allergy has just made the task more challenging. This is not something I am an expert at. Food allergies can not be cured, but they can be worked around. My goal is to continue the challenge of feeding my kids, and keeping 'em out of the ER in the process! Please chime in; share your tips. I look forward to the journey.

Nach-your Average Nachos!

serves 4 / gluten free / egg free

Nachos have always been a kid friendly finger food. Made to order with their favorite toppings, even the choosiest kid has a chance to embrace their picky side. It is now time to think of nachos as the limitless gluten free, wheat free, awesome dish it is!
(inspired by my dear friend, coastal cousin-thank you!)
To Start:

  • set broiler to high
  • 8 cups Corn Chips (less if you are using small chips that fill the measuring cup more densely)
  • 2 1/2 cups Shredded cheese
  • 1 1/3 cups Dip of Choice (1/3 cup per person)

For Chili Cheese Dog Nachos:

  • 1/2 pack of Hebrew National hot dogs (sliced small)
  • Your favorite Gluten Free Chili for the dip
  • Colby-Jack for your Cheese

*(this recipe is great if you use plain Fritos as the Corn Chips)

For Pizza Nachos:

  • 1/2-3/4 pack Pepperonis or Canadian Bacon (these are sometimes large and may require chopping)
  • Mozzarella for the Cheese
  • Prego Veggie Smart for the dip (no food starch added! Plus it is sweetened with sweet potato, how cool is that?)

Spread Chips on rimmed baking sheet. Sprinkle with half of your cheese. Sprinkle with other toppings. Top with other half of cheese. Place under broiler until all cheese is melted. Warm your dip of choice. Divide nachos among plates, and dip among small bowls. Serve and enjoy!
There are endless possibilities here, so go for it! Let me know if you and your kids come up with some more great combos.

(tip for gluten free kids: check labels before using a pre-shredded cheese, some of the anti-caking agents may cause gluten free kiddos stomach problems. I prefer to shred my own, it seems to melt better anyway.)